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Educational Resources

"Mission and Advocacy to Support Refugees" On-Demand Video, Audio, Slides
Comprehensive overview and orientation to the global refugee crisis; the United States Refugee Admissions Program; Episcopal Migration Ministries; general refugee and resettlement advocacy; how to get your congregation involved.

"Rapid Response Webinar: Syrian #RefugeesWelcome" On-Demand Video, Audio, Slides
Response to the anti-refugee and anti-Syrian backlash that has arisen since the November 13 terrorist attacks; addressing quickly moving legislation and how to raise your voice.

Information about the security screening process:

USCRI Fact Sheet on Security Screenings for Syrians
Infographic with In-Depth Explanation of Security Screening
Detailed Security Screening Infographic demonstrates how many refugees must "go back" and repeat the process again, in part or in whole, if their security clearance validity expires

Mission, Planning Resources

Refugee Backgrounder
How You Can Help

Email Allison Duvall, manager for Church Relations & Engagement,, if you would like to receive the Checklist for Congregations, Best Practices for Congregations Engaging in Refugee Resettlement Ministry, and a Gifts Discernment Activity model to discuss what gifts your congregation can bring to this work.

Advocacy Resources

Episcopal Public Policy Network
As of December 17, 2015, no harmful "riders" wer be attached to Congress' omnibus spending bill that would effectively shut down the life-saving resettlement program for Syrian and Iraqi refugees. That said, House Bill 4038, the so-called American SAFE Act which passed in the House of Representatives with a veto-proof majority in November 2015, and other bills like it, may continue moving through Congress or may be proposed in 2016. Looking into 2016, the issues of Islamophobia, and calls to halt, stop, or defund resettlement - both in general, as well as particularly the resettlement of Syrians - are likely to come up again. We will need to continue to work together to advocate for and stand with our refugee and Muslim brothers and sisters.

#RefugeesWelcome statements by clergy, leaders in The Episcopal Church

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Worship and Prayer Resources

Episcopal Migration Ministries' Prayer for Syria
Prayers of the People for Refugees and Displaced People
Bulletin Inserts throughout Epiphany
Lesson Plans That Work for Adults, Youth, and Children throughout Epiphany
Vigil for Refugees – Liturgy available for local adaptation, thanks to the work of our friends in the Diocese of Michigan. Very appropriate for use in Epiphany. Please email Allison Duvall,, if you would like to receive this!

Stand with Your Muslim Neighbors

My Neighbor is Muslim - This educational resource was produced by our colleagues at Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota. It will be used in many congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, with whom The Episcopal Church is in full communion.