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EMM Miami has been serving refugees in South Florida since 1980. The agency provides services for newly arrived refugees to help put down roots in their first months in the new community. This includes support services such as employment training, financial literacy, and job-placement services, as well as client referrals to various community providers.


Volunteers are an essential component to making this a smooth and enjoyable process. We encourage you to invest your time, talents, and skills in the fields of employment readiness, social services support, cultural integration, English tutoring, financial literacy, office assistance, and more.


“The difficult process of assimilation… is a process in which anyone who lives near a refugee can participate.”

—     Dr. Gerrit Jan van Heuven Goedhart, the first UN High Commissioner for Refugees, 1955


Employment readiness volunteers are needed to assist our Reception and Placement (RP) and Matching Grant (MG) Program caseworkers in preparing clients for the workforce. Our volunteers provide employment workshops to teach refugees strategies for online and in-person job searches, resume writing, interactive mock interviews, and career counseling and guidance. Volunteers must commit to a minimum 6-months of service. Hours are flexible between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.


Dealing with the paperwork of becoming a resident in the State of Florida and the U.S. can be daunting, whether you're a refugee or a long-time local. EMM Miami seeks volunteers to provide social service support such as setting up apartments, conducting home visits with a caseworker, providing assistance, transportation, and follow-up to medical and Social Security appointments, and more. Learn the ins and outs of the refugee resettlement process and how EMM Miami facilitates the transition of refugees into new Americans. Volunteers must be able to commit at least 3 months of service for 5 to 15 hours a week.


Despite the Miami's cosmopolitan status, navigating its streets and way of life can sometimes feel disorienting to a newcomer. EMM Miami seeks volunteers who are enthusiastic about welcoming refugees to their new home and assisting them with a variety of tasks, such as picking them up at the airport, teaching refugees to use the bus, giving cultural orientation workshops, taking them sight-seeing, and hosting family and community dinner nights. Time commitments vary. Please contact the volunteer manager for more details.


A grasp of the English language is critical to achieving self-sufficiency in the U.S., especially in the workplace. Volunteers are needed to work with refugees one-on-one or in small groups to improve their English literacy and speech skills. They are encouraged to create a dynamic learning environment that incorporates audiovisual materials and practice exercises at either our office or the client's home, depending on the agreement between the tutor and the student. This is a rewarding position that heeds tutors' reliability and cultural sensitivity. Volunteers must commit at least twice per week for a minimum 3 months of service.


Volunteers are needed to train refugees in the basic principles of financial literacy: spending, savings, credit, investments, and fraud prevention. They are encouraged to create interactive workshops that cater to our clients' needs, such as how to open a bank account, use an ATM, fill out checks, apply for credit, invest in stocks, and more. This is an excellent opportunity for experienced or retired financial managers seeking to serve as strong community role models and/or financial advisors interested in motivating refugees for economic success. Volunteers must commit to holding sessions once per month for at least six months of service.


EMM Miami is recruiting volunteers with access to large cargo vans or trucks to transport home furnishings and other donations for apartment set-ups. Highly effective in groups, these volunteers prepare boxes of donated goods such as household items, school supplies and uniforms, computers, toys, etc. and are willing to assist in decorating the homes of newly arrived refugees. Volunteers should demonstrate patience and be able to lift up to 50 pounds. Time commitments vary. Please contact the volunteer manager for more details.


Assistants are needed for entering casework information and general office work duties, including but not limited to filing, filling out intake forms and other paperwork, drafting staff and volunteer newsletters, and promoting event publicity. This is a great opportunity for applicants over the age of 18 interested in learning about U.S. governmental systems and refugee advocacy. Time commitments vary. Please contact the volunteer manager for more details.



Excellent! You can:


Fill out an application and submit to or at our office

  1. Attend an interview with the Volunteer Manager
  2. Attend a Volunteer Orientation
  3. Complete and pass background check
  4. Be offered a position by the Volunteer Manager
  5. Receive additional training as needed


To learn more, contact:


Sylvia Simioni
Refugee AmeriCorps Volunteer Manager
Episcopal Migration Ministries Miami
700 South Royal Poinciana Blvd, Ste. 803
Miami Springs, Florida 33162
Office Phone: (305) 541-8327 Ext. 8301